Participants taking part in the Festival are responsible for checking their physical conditions for the Walk Festival.

You should stop participating in the festival if any problem arises in your body and should immediately inform the Festival staff of your condition. The Organizer insures all the participants’ injury, death and stress disorder insurance and compensates for damage within the terms and conditions of the insurance contract ONLY. The festival organizer is not responsible for any compensation beyond the range of the insurance coverage.

Participation Guide

Meeting time 

2023. 10. 29.(Sun) 9:00

Meeting place 

World Cup Park Peace Plaza at Sang-am

Souvenir Collection

2023. 10. 29.(Sun) 9:00 You can collect your souvenir and ticket number at the souvenir distribution point within the assembly area after verifying your identity.  

※ If you run out of participant souvenirs early, you can't get them.

※ Participants should arrive at the assembly point at least 1 hour before the festival starts to collect festival materials (souvenirs and number tags) so that you can start leisurely.


1. No flammable materials, helium balloons and smoking are allowed.

2. No bicycle or in-line skates are allowed.

3. No pets are allowed.

※ Participants should abide by the following rules and regulations, and festival organizer is not responsible for any damages you suffered which arise from neglecting the following rules and regulations.


The festival is to be held even in case of rain. However, the festival may be called off in case of a natural disaster.

Weekday 9:00 - 17:00

Break Time 12:00 - 13:00

Closed on Sundays and Holidays.

The 10th Walk Together Festival

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